Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The journey starts here!

Hi to my readers, new and not-so-new!

I had planned to get this blog up and running by the new year, which is now 4 months ago... oops! So, here I am, promising to slowly but surely get back to the blogging world!

An update on the last few months - Caleb is now 6 months and weaning! Woo! Erin has started nursery part time and is loving it, growing up by the minute and Lara, well, we have entered the "two year old" phase complete with tantrums and dramas almost constantly!

For a number of years now I have wanted to lose some weight, and I have finally decided that I can't put it off or make excuses any longer. I joined Slimming World after having Erin and really enjoyed it but chose to stop 6 weeks into it as I found out I was pregnant with Lara. I have all the books and know most of the basics so I'm doing it at home as I can't afford to go along to the group despite knowing they are fantastic. I have set myself some goals, short term and long term.

This new blog is really a continuation from the old one "The Glamorous Life of a Mother and Wife" with a bit of a reorganisation and face lift!

I am going to try and make time to blog at least once a week, and in between that will be building up the other areas of it such as recipes, craft etc.

Looking forward to sharing lots with you soon!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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