Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Make the most of what you have

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In our journey to become debt free, we have really learnt the importance of not taking things for granted, for relishing the simple things and making the most of what you have. My close friends will tell you I love to move house, it's like those times when you start having a huge sort out (the garage, a bedroom, spring clean etc) and you get half way through and think "why an earth did I start this?!" but you push through and end up feeling satisfied. For me, I love the process of moving house! I love things being fresh and new, and I have had to learn to redirect those energies whilst we are on this journey!

Our current house is a bit topsy turvy - our kitchen and one bedroom are on the ground floor, and then the lounge and the rest of our bedrooms are on the first floor. We have no garden of such, but a yard or "bin enclosure" as we have called it to the side of the house. It's gated but by no means secure in the sense of taking children out to play, and if I wanted to take the kids out there, I would need to take the pushchair and changing bag - in which case I might as well go to the park which is just around the corner!

We live in a rented house and therefore cannot make huge changes to the property, and in my head, we will be here for at least another year or two but after then I am hoping to move house. A house with a garden for the children, and one with a more traditional layout. When we relocated to Norfolk, this was the only house available in the time frame we needed, and it is a lovely house! But as our children get a little older, our needs are changing.

So, in the theme of making the best of what you have, we decided to transform our "bin enclosure" into a "walled garden"! Mr Strong and I are really keen to grow our own fruit and veg, but we don't have the time or money for an allotment. We bought some plants and some grow bags, and thought we'd have some fun and give it a go! We are keen to show our children that you can grow things at home, and it ties in nicely with Erin learning about planting and growing at pre school.

This was our starting point:

As you can see, its quite a snug little area, and it only really gets sun on one side, but with a bit of effort we have come up with a plan. My parents came over for the bank holiday so my mum gave Mr Strong a hand whilst we had a little help from Erin too.

After a few hours hard work, the end result is great, and we'll see how well it goes. If it goes well, we will think about building some large planters for next year so at least if we do move then we can take them with us. If it doesn't work, then we'll be a little disappointed but at least we've tried, and how fun it will be for Erin to be able to go and pick veg from our garden for dinner! I have been complaining for so long about not having a garden, but actually we have some space for this, and so let's embrace what we do have an make the best of it!

What aspect of your life have you not made the most of?! I challenge you to have a little think about what you could do, to be creative, to be hopeful, and most of all to make the best of the situation!

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