Thursday, 5 June 2014

Blackout blinds and determined minds!

It's been a while since I posted something, and I think we have been riding a wave of exhaustion and busy-ness in that time! I don't know about your children, but come the summer, no matter how much black out material we swamp their rooms with, they wake up early. I mean really early. LIKE 5AM. Every day!!!!

I'm not going to lie, its killing us!lol! Erin wakes up either singing or shouting, then tells Lara that she's woken her up (!!!) and Caleb wakes due to a required nappy change. We seem to have hit a period of time when despite thinking it was going to get easier, the demands of our children don't seem to be in sync with our capacity somehow!

We have adjusted slightly to our new wake up call, although I have considered at least once a day whether I could physically make a tent out of black out material to cloak the whole house! Haha! The trusting Gro-Clock, which we have never found works for more than a couple of days, has well and truly been tossed aside. The girls quickly figured out that although there is a key lock on it, by switching it off and on again at the plug socket, it magically resets it to the "sun" at which point Erin yells "Daddy, the sun is up! We can get up now!" As you can imagine, this quickly lost it's comic value!

So we are now in the throws of trying to re jig the way we do things until the mornings start getting darker, and figure out a form of clock that is toddler proof but simple enough to explain when it's time to get up.

In other news, I have now been following Slimming World on my own at home for just over 8 weeks. I have had a couple of weeks of "treats", wedding anniversary meals, family visits, hungry days and "you-did-it!" days. I have now lost my first stone, and I am thrilled! I have had a pair of jeans in my wardrobe that I couldn't get the button and waistband to meet at the beginning, by a good 2 or 3 inches, but they are now falling off me!! I have on a Size 18 pair of jeans, which once worn for a day fit me fairly well. My wardrobe is now full of tops that I can fit into, and I'm feeling much better in myself.

I am focusing on a day at a time, with my goal being the next half stone, knowing that slow and steady will win this race. I am over the moon that I can almost call myself a Size 18, and to think of being any smaller is past comprehension.  I don't remember being smaller than an 18, although I have a suitcase full of lovely jeans from when I was, but anything less than a 16 seems a fantasy. For so long now I have been unhappy with myself and my weight, but always joked it off or made excuses for myself. For so long, I have looked in the mirror and wondered what an earth Mr Strong sees in me! It's terrible to finally be able to admit that.

I am so excited for this new phase, and my target is realistic and reasonable - size 16 by the beginning of December, which at this rate I'll easily achieve. But I almost don't want to think about it in case something goes wrong, it would be too go to be true knowing that I could walk into any high street store in a few months and find something that fits.

If I have a bad day, I get up, brush myself off and start again the next day. I am determined that I am going to do it, no time like the present, no more pregnancies coming along to delay it, and no more excuses.

Feeling exhausted really doesn't help me focus, knowing that I'm a comfort eater I am gearing up for days like today when I just want to devour some chocolate fudge cake and be done with it all!lol! But that isn't taking care of my body, that's not making healthy choices, and that's not going to make any difference to the amount of sleep I am getting!Lol! ... It WOULD taste amazing though... :-)

This weekend we have friends coming over for a meal on Saturday evening, so I am having a night of and making home made pizza. I plan to catch up on a bit of housework but that's it - hopefully we'll have a fairly relaxing weekend, and I might even get a cat nap hear and there! :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!