Monday, 7 July 2014

Homemade Christmas Sacks

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Last year I finally got around to finishing the Christmas Sacks I had made the girls, and made Caleb one so we had a matching set. I like nothing more than a little craft project, and this was something I'd had in mind for a while. It also meant that I got to have fun with my sewing machine, which doesn't come out as much as I'd like it to, and being self taught, I feel a little limited to what I can make at the moment.

I started with some pillowcases I'd found in the bargain corner at IKEA, they came complete with a king size duvet cover and the set was reduced because it was missing one pillowcase. I'd picked it up years ago (I love a bargain) knowing I'd use it for something one day. So when I started the Christmas Sacks I thought it would be perfect, one for the girls and a joint one for Mr Strong and I. Glad I didn't get around to doing ours as it was then made for Caleb when he arrived!

My sewing machine is fab, it's a Singer Confidence, and has a number of embroidery stitches that you set at a touch of a few buttons, completely lazy but great for beginners. After putting together some fabrics and getting the right combination, complete with a drawn out design and a little help from an Ebay seller who provided my pre cut and iron on letters (my attempt was terrible!!) they were ready. I have to say, they weren't full to the brim by any means, but they are lovely and I am so pleased with them. Something home made that would have cost me an awful lot more to buy, and can now be used year after year, creating memories for our children.

Now, I know it's only June, but I have already got quite a few Christmas presents, it's the way I work! I like to get things when I see them at a good price, plus it spreads the cost out over the year. What I REALLY wanted last year was some home made Christmas Stockings, which I am pleased to say I am already halfway through. I started them this weekend, having decided I needed a little time to myself. So far I love them, and once I have finished I'll post the results up here with a tutorial of how to make them.

I ADORE Christmas time, and all that comes with it. It is such an important celebration for us being Christians, but I love embracing the family time it brings. As a child Christmas was super busy with family milling around, going to different family members houses and we had so much fun. I want to make sure my children have special memories of Christmas when they grow up too.

I turn 30 years old this December, and in last years sales we bought a huge 7ft Christmas Tree which will be my present this year... I cannot wait to get it up. In the photo above you'll see our little slimline Christmas Tree which we've had since living in a terraced house with not a lot of room. Our new tree is about 3 times the width of it (!!!) if not more, and I am inevitably going to have to make some decorations for it as the ones we have will look a little sparse on their own.

What are your favourite Christmas memories, ones from your childhood and ones you have made creating new traditions as an adult?

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  1. They look so good Jenn (although am going to skim over the fact you are talking about Christmas already!!) - can't wait to see your stockings :)