Friday, 11 July 2014

Homemade No Sew Car Seat Blankets

 Constant Craft

This is a nifty craft I found online, and was something we used last winter when we visited my family in the midlands. A three hour car journey when it's cold and miserable, and when you just want to go to sleep means blankets all round, however as those of you with children know, NOTHING ever stays on a child in a car seat! Toys, blankets, shoes, snacks - the ability to keep hold of something seems to magically disappear the minute you put your child in a car seat!lol!

I didn't want to make anything too complicated, purely because I didn't have the time and so I made these after seeing the idea on another page. They fit over the buckle of the car seat (5 point harness) with plenty of room so they don't get caught up, and are then just put under their legs when they don't want them! Simple!

How to make my car seat blanket

I used a piece of fleece fabric, bought off the roll from a fabric shop. I measured the rough length I would need by measuring from the shoulder section of the car seat, down the back to the base, from the back of the seat to the front, and then down to where their feet came (I did this on Erin who is our eldest child, then added some for growth so they last a number of years!). It's worth noting, if you want them to be used regularly and your children are likely to have dirty shoes or boots, it might be beneficial to have them shorter so the blankets don't get dirty too. The width was the car seat width plus extra for wrapping around when they are snuggling into it! (I've lost my original measurements but it would vary across car seats and age of children.)

So here we are, after deciding how big they needed to be, 4 pieces of fabric the same size - three intended for our children, and one for the passenger in the front (no alterations need to be made to this other than it being cut to size) - the driver will have to wear a coat!lol!

Next, you need to work out where you want the holes for the car seat buckle. The idea is that the small piece of fabric that is between the slits you make will fit between the child and the buckle to hold it in place.

Fold your fabric widthways making sure you've got about 8 inches more of fabric on the bottom and then fold lengthways to find the middle (see below picture).

With your fabric folded as above (test you've got it right with a scrap of fabric first!), cut a small slit about 0.5cm from the bottom through all 4 layers of fabric. The open out the fabric width ways (so you've got two snips in the fabric on a horizontal line) then cut between these making your first slit for the buckle.

Repeat this by completely unfolding your fabric, and refolding so that you will make a second slit exactly halfway on the fabric (so you should have a few inches between your two completed slits).

You are finished!! If you fancy adding pocked to it, or appliqu├ęs of shapes, animals etc then you now have plenty of creative freedom to do what you like!

How to fit my car seat blanket

Once the blanket slits have been cut, it will attach by bringing the Harness Buckle up through the lower slit from the back and then clipping the Harness Straps into the Buckle by bringing them through the upper slit from the back. Once it’s done up the middle piece of fabric between the slits will be between the Harness Buckle and your child, with only the Buckle visible (see below).

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