Friday, 11 July 2014

Sewing Station

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When I first got my sewing machine, I used it whilst working on our very big and beautiful Oak kitchen table. The only problem was that it was difficult to work on when it needed to be cleared every time! I'd like to think we're not the only ones who tend to dump place things on the dining room table that need putting away... and seem to stay there for a number of weeks days!! It is a natural surface to get things out the way, but then seems to become invisible once you've done it!lol!

On Facebook I follow a number of people who have their own businesses making various crafts and handmade things. One of the ladies who makes bags posted a picture of her workshop and I immediately became jealous of such a wonderful space to have everything out and within reach. Now obviously she needs this to run her business but I thought, "That is what I'm missing in my life"! So I searched online to see if anyone else had a space to call their own for sewing, to find a wide range of "sewing station" ideas.

I decided that the best thing would be to get myself a desk I could use as a sewing station - somewhere that was always ready to go, or at least could be if I was in the middle of a project, and could then leave set up until I'd finished days or weeks later. Google image searching "sewing stations" opened up a world of amazing spaces people had created and I most definitely wanted!!

So, a gorgeous new desk or table was needed, with a smooth work surface, some storage space, and of course it had to be a little different and personal to me - could I find something perfect within my very tight budget - most certainly NOT! Back to the drawing board! Upcycling was my only option. Having searched Freegle and Ebay, I came across a desk on Gumtree for £15, and having watched a few things on ebay going for around £25 decided this would be a great compromise, drawers for storage and not too big as to overpower the room.

It was going in our bedroom - the only place we could feasibly keep little hands away from if needed! I had looked at all sorts of furniture with the view that I could paint or get Mr Strong to make changes if needed, if we could get something cheap. Turns out that actually buying a desk that was almost identical in colour laminate to our bedroom furniture, and didn't need any work at all, was the cheapest option!

The laminate on top was slightly damaged but add in one of our old dining chairs it certainly would serve it's purpose. Next job was to find some PVC fabric to cover the top, not only to brighten it up but so that I would have a smooth surface to work on without fear of snagging fabric etc.

After looking online, again thinking that was the cheapest option, I popped down to The Range and found that I could buy fabric to the nearest 10cm that I needed, and also saved paying postage. For less than £3.50 I bought the following and with the assistance of Mr Strong just tacked it in place.

Finally, after looking all over the place for nice but decently priced handles (and choosing some but sending them back!) I got these for £3.30 each. The original ones I ordered were £2.99 each and were very cheaply made, but these are well worth the extra 31p each!!!

So, for less than £30 total, I got myself a wonderful and personalised sewing station when I would have spent far more than that doing up an old piece of furniture!

When I first used it, it was full of all my sewing things but as things have changed and I've had less time to sew recently, it's now full of all our stationery and is much more of a desk. However, it is still perfect when I get my sewing machine out and I still love it! I never did get around to getting a cushion, and every time I sew think to myself "I MUST get that cushion sorted!" as the wooden chair isn't great after an hour or so! Perhaps eventually I'll get myself a nice desk chair - better get hunting!

Have you ever tried upcycling - making something new out of something old, or something that was created for a different purpose! It's great fun, and if you haven't already - find something and have a go! Not only are we sending less to tips and dumps, we are saving money creating something that no one else has! That's got to be a winner!

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