Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Dreaming of Green Fingers

Since moving to Norfolk 2 years ago, we have seen our lives change dramatically in many ways. We live in a lovely house, and I still feel like we live in a hotel! It is a new house, and we were the first tenants for our landlord, who is in the armed forces. We moved with very little time to find a house, and this was the last one which would work out in our time scale. The only downside is that is doesn't really have a garden. We have a walled yard, which is covered in gravel and has a few patio slabs - we used to call it our bin enclosure, that's how inspiring it is!lol!

This year we tried to do something with it, and have managed to successfully grow tomatoes, a range of herbs, some mangetout and some sugarsnap peas. Rather unsuccessful were our beans, peppers and strawberries. Earlier in the summer I enquired about the local allotments, finding out the waiting this was terribly long and we could be waiting a few years to get to the top! So, without delay I put our names down, with the dream that we would be allotmenteers in a couple of years once the kids were a little older. I would love to be telling you that we'd be given a plot but it's only been a few months so chances are unlikely. But oh how I have been dreaming of it!lol!

My last 4 years have been focussed on having children - Erin turns 4 in December, Lara turns 3 in March and Caleb will be 1 in October. I love our family, and I love having 3 children, but my life has just been completely engulfed in being a mummy and a home maker. I am craving for a hobby, something that will be worthwhile, something that I can get my teeth into, learn new skills and ultimately pass onto my children. Gardening; the cultivating, the nurturing, the sewing and reaping, up close and with hands dirty, back to the simple things in life. I cannot wait. I know I have a steep learning curve, but I'm really excited that as a family we'll be getting stuck in together!

Now we are debt free (Yay! Another post for another day!) I am looking forward to a fresh start, new beginnings and find myself excited about the future again. Whilst I patiently (Please note, in reality I am not very patient!) wait for our little plot of land I will be gathering together books on gardening, saving up to buy the tools we will need, and researching thrifty and creative ways of doing things in the garden. After all, just because we are now debt free, doesn't mean we stop being wise with our money. I look forward to posting our gardening adventures in the future!

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