Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Coffee Break: Hair loss in pregnancy

Well, after the cookie disaster earlier, I decided I'll have a go tomorrow after a little more research into a better recipe. Instead, I have spent the last hour dying and cutting my hair!

Nothing drastic, but my last home colour was a little more orangey than I had bargained for and as it's approaching autumn I decided it was time (as I usually do this time of year) to go darker!

Other mummy's will know about this - but no one ever tells you pre children about the ridiculous hair loss!! After having Erin I genuinely thought I was losing it due to stress or something and remember having a conversation with my mum about all this hair I was losing. Turns out it's natural as you lose less when pregnant, and therefore it all falls out after pregnancy when your hormones level out - what I didn't know at the time was that your hair recedes slightly and then grows back (or is that just me!?) to leave you with ridiculous looking tufts like you've had a mishap cutting yourself a fringe. Or in the case of myself and a close friend - Monica Geller type "sea hair" with a miniature afro of regrowth all over.

So, I am now third time around experiencing this post pregnancy hair loss - for the last few years, just as the regrowth has got to a length that I can blend into the rest of my hair, I have become pregnant again and the process has started over. So, this evening, in order to disguise (I realise that everyone will now know!lol!) my lengthening regrowth after having Caleb (my third and final!) I have cut myself a fringe.

Thankfully, when I had Erin, there were a number of us at the church we were going to who were pregnant at the same time, and the sigh of relief when we realised we were all experiencing it!lol!!

Anyway, thanks to Asda's current offers, my new hair has cost me a fraction of the price it would in the hairdressers! Living on a budget doesn't have to be so bad!

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