Friday, 12 September 2014

Coffee Break: Hope

Sorry it's been a bit quiet on the blog - I have been suffering with bird flu (as opposed to man flu!) and having a little pity party for myself! Mr Strong came home from work on Monday saying everyone in his office was sounding a little worse for wear, and they had gradually got worse as the day went on. Well, needless to say, Tuesday morning Mr Strong had it, and I wasn't feeling too bright myself.

Yesterday I felt terrible, the kind of head cold that spans your forehead and eyes so that nothing really seems right, but you keep telling yourself it's just a cold! I could barely put two thoughts together (more than my normal mummy brain I have developed over the last almost 4 years!) and quite frankly couldn't care less whether the house looked like a bomb site or whether I had got anything out for dinner.

Today was the day that Mr Strong HAD to go back to work, so I dosed up and strapped on my battle armour! I would much rather be really ill, than feel completely incapable as a result of what is quite a minor ailment. You feel dreadful but if anyone asks what's wrong how many of us say "oh, it's just a cold" when deep down we feel like we've been hit by a truck.

But it got me thinking - we have just started leading in our youth team at church, and it was also the first week back for our Growth Group (cell group, home group, church in the home etc) but guaranteed it has been the week we have both felt physically rubbish. You can always count on something knocking you down when you have the potential to have a really good week. That sounds really pessimistic I know, and I'm not a negative person (most of the time!lol!) but I really do believe that we can be open to spiritual attack in the smallest ways, that snowball into having a potentially huge affect on how God can use us and our attitude.

Mr Strong and I recently joked, through one of the toughest times we've known, that the "good news factory" wasn't just out of stock of good news, not only was it closed, but it had gone into administration!lol! That's how it has felt at times! And as they say, it never rains, it pours! But the best thing is seeing the impossible come together by having just a little faith - even when things seems like they are just going from bad to worse, it's so important to choose to have hope, to have faith that somehow God will turn the situation around... because He can! A situation is never as bleak as it may sometimes seem, but the key is not shifting your focus away from God, but making sure more than ever that your eyes are firmly planted on Him. Easier said than done, been there, done that, but it's true!

I don't know what you are going through at the moment, I don't know what you have come out of the other side with, but I believe there's a silver lining in almost all situations. Sometimes it might not be obvious, or even visible from the viewpoint you currently have, but don't let your situation take away the hope in your heart. What is even better, is that where there isn't even a glimmer of hope, God can still break into the situation.

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