Friday, 21 November 2014

Kindness Elves Part 2: What activities to do?!

So, a few posts ago I talked about the idea of Kindness Elves and we are now approaching the time when they will be coming to stay in our house! In fact, it's only about a week away!!

The children will receive a letter from Santa on the 1st December, which is when the elves will be hidden somewhere having arrived for their stay. They'll then be found every day in December with a little activity card, and a praise token giving them a "well done" for the previous days activity (obviously they won't get one on 1st December). They'll also get a chocolate coin each every day - I may change my mind on that, we'll see how it goes!

Here are Cedar and Spruce, our Kindness Elves with a set of cards.

In December we'll be posted updates on what we're doing every day. Our activities are basic, having 3 children under 4 years old I'm not expecting Caleb (Age 1) to be getting involved but Lara (Age 2.5) and Erin (almost 4) will be. This year our focus is being kind in the simplest form - mostly making our friends and family happy. That's something they can grasp, and our activities reflect that. As they get older things will become more complex and involved. We touch on being thankful, and being kind to others, and the focus for us from a Christian point of view is that God likes us to be kind to others. Christmas time should be full of joy, of giving (not receiving, although it is nice!) and full of thinking of others - mix it with some fun and activities and I think we're on to a winner!

If you'd like to have a go and aren't sure what to do with your elves, here are some printable resources which I've designed for us. You are more than welcome to use them! (They are intended for personal use only.)

1st December Letter
Activity Cards
Praise Tokens
Christmas Eve Letter

I'm looking forward to trying this out this year! I hope you'll have fun reading about what we get up to!!

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