Saturday, 29 November 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...!

There is always huge debate this time of year as to when everyone can and can't put up their Christmas trees - I don't mind how early or late people do it, for me I'd have it up all year round!

Mr Strong knows that there is nothing better at cheering me up than a little Christmas spirit - I adore this time of year! I like our tree to be up by 1st December, and then if I'm honest, by the end of Boxing Day, or perhaps the day after, I like to take everything down! For me, the lead up to Christmas is magical, spending time with family on Christmas Day and Boxing Day is the best, but usually after that I like to get ready for the freshness that comes with the New Year. That's not to say I get bored of Christmas - I genuinely love it all, but once we've celebrated Christmas Day, it feels wrong to have it up for much longer!

Our new tree is lovely, and as my birthday is in December too, it doesn't feel like my birthday until the tree is up. This year I turn 30 (Eeekkk!) and the tree was bought in the sales last year as my 30th birthday present - it's so worth it! Erin in particular is very switched on to Christmas this year, turning 4 just a few days before Christmas. Having got the tree up, with the lights on she just kept repeating "Wow, I LOVE it! I love the tree! Santa is going to LOVE it!" over and over, running around in a little frenzy. Even Caleb said "Wow" - I think this is technically his first word!lol!

Only 1 more day to go until our Kindness Elves arrive - I think I'm prepared!!! Stay tuned, December's focus will mainly be what we get up to with our Elves!

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