Thursday, 4 December 2014

Homemade Magic Reindeer Food

On Christmas Eve we have a lovely plate that we put out for Santa, and this year we have a little cup to make the set (we'll post about our Christmas Eve traditions another time). But last year something caught my eye - homemade reindeer food! Something that is simple, easy and cheap to make, but adds a little more excitement!

The method and ingredients I use are edible (all two ingredients!) but I know some people add glitter etc to their. My only concern with adding glitter or sequins is that the local wildlife may eat it!! Now I'm sure it won't do any damage, but mine ensures that its unlikely to cause a problem!!

You will need:
  • Porridge Oats (about 3-4 heaped dessert spoons per bag
  • Sugar Shimmer Dust / Sugar Sprinkles or Edible Glitter
  • A food bag, either cellophane, or clear sandwich bag OR a little pot - whatever you fancy!
  • A Magic Reindeer Food label (free printable here)

  1. Put about 3 heaped dessert spoons full of porridge in your bag or container.
  2. Add enough sugar sprinkle, edible glitter or whatever your chosen "sparkle" is until you've got as much sparkle as you would like.
  3. Shake or mix it around.
  4. Seal bag or pot and add label!
  5. Ridiculously simple!
I've not had a chance to make mine yet, but will upload a picture once I have! Simple, cheap yet great way of creating anticipation (if any more is needed!?) for Christmas!

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