Friday, 5 December 2014

Kindness Elves 2014: Day 4

Our cheeky Kindness Elves were found hiding amongst the ice cream sundae glasses yesterday morning, with a well done token and some coins for the children. The didn't however have a task for the children to do, which threw Erin a little once she's realised!! But I had a plan!

Their task for Day 4 was Loving Friends - and was to create a picture for a friend to make them smile. I hadn't had time to set anything up and we don't have the opportunity to do anything on a normal school morning so I set to getting it ready at lunchtime. I invited one of Erin's school friends to come and join us too.

They came home to find the Elves had set up a tray of things for them to use and they had a great time with their friend and getting messy!

What struck me afterwards was that they appreciated doing it with their friend and enjoyed having her over, which to me was far more rewarding for them that creating a picture to give away! So we compromised and let them keep the pictures - they turned out so well!

Today's task is a little more subdued, as you will soon see, and Daddy might even get to do this one with them!

Day 5 coming soon!

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