Thursday, 8 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hi all,

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year! Those of you who follow Constant Heart on Facebook will know I wasn't very well at the beginning of December and consequently the Kindness Elves were a little uneventful for at least one of those weeks! We did pick it up again but were then mid birthday and Christmas prep season so although some of it got onto Facebook, it didn't reach the blog!

I'll do a summary of the Kindness Elves on another day's post but I have to say I was glad I was struck down with it before Christmas Day (last year we were all all between Christmas Eve and well into the new year with a sickness bug - joy!).

So I am just landing after a very busy Christmas, and we are currently mid potty training (the worst parenting job I have come across yet!).

Once we've grounded properly I'll get back to the blog - there are so many things I wanted to write about but until then I am still trying to catch up on housework! (Seriously, is it just me or do you have 2-3 days off for Christmas and it results in being about 2 weeks behind!!??)

Looking forward to the good things that are already in motion for this year - the last 6 months have been particularly difficult so I'm trusting that God's leading us to calmer waters...!

At the very least, we have survived the first week back into our routine but I think we'll be having a fairly relaxed weekend ahead! Happy nearly-Friday!