Constant Christmas: Kindness Elves & more

Welcome to our Kindness Elves page. Here you will find all the links to each and every post connected with our Kindness Elves. We hope you have fun reading what we're getting up to, and even better if you're having a go yourself!!!

The idea has been created by Anna @ The Imagination Tree - for more information of Kindness Elves visit her here!

If you want to follow what's happening, with a few extra pictures and instant updates on what's going on, come and Like us on Facebook!

Kindness Elves Part 1: Elf on the Shelf Alternative
Kindness Elves Part 2: What activities to do?! (free printable resources)

Kindness Elves 2014:
Kindness Elves 2014: Day 1 (Loving Others)
Kindness Elves 2014: Day 2 (Loving Others)
Kindness Elves 2014: Day 3 (Loving our Family)
Kindness Elves 2014: Day 4 (Loving our Friends)
(Due to illness we didn't finish this year! Have a look at 2015!)

Kindness Elves 2015:
Kindness Elves 2015 Introduction

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