Why Constant Heart?

One of my best friends introduced me to the world of blogging a couple of years ago and I have been playing around on my blog "The Glamorous Life of a Mother and Wife" since then. Somewhere to write the funny things that happen being a Stay At Home Mum, and a place to share recipes, budgeting and my general thoughts.

In October 2013, our son Caleb was born, and expanded our family to five members, with three children under three at the time. I thought it was busy with two toddlers...! Although it is still early days, what has struck me is that life for us will probably always be a little (and sometimes a lot!) chaotic, but I like being busy. I find myself CONSTANTLY busy now we have three children. Trying to balance home life, living on a tight budget, and still finding time to do things I enjoy.

Constantly... busy trying to keep the peace.
Constantly... striving to make the best of every situation.
Constantly... keeping my heart light, loving my children and living a faithful life.
Constantly... following what I feel is right.
Constantly... listening to what I feel deep down, and allowing myself to be reflective in this new season we are in.
Constantly... speaking what I believe is on my heart, whether it be in good times or not so good.
Constantly... trying to follow in what God has planned for me, and for our family.
Constantly... wishing I had more time to bake, cook and be creative.
Constantly... wondering how on earth I keep it all together some days!

Constant Heart... a place where I am free to share what is on my mind and on my heart. A place where I can share the adventures of being a family of five to the new recipe I have discovered! A place I can share our tips for living within your means as we journey to become and then remain completely debt free. A place where I can be just me... not always a wife, not always a mother, but a little piece of me.

I hope you enjoy my blog,

Jenn xxx

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